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Where I’ve Been: Futurescapes

Where I’ve Been: Futurescapes

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  1. Matha

    I love the pics of you. It looks like you were enjoying it and that makes me happy. I’m also happy to hear that you are going to keep moving forward with your dream.

    1. Jamie

      Thanks, Mom!

  2. Katrina Brown

    Hello! I am getting ready to apply to go to this conference and I am completely terrified to submit a sample. I’m not sure if I should submit a small part of a long story I already have, or write a new flash fiction style piece. Do you have any advice?

    1. Jamie

      Awesome! First of all, don’t be terrified. Luke and Mary and the people that run Futurescapes are super nice and, I think, just trying to figure out who is really serious about the craft of writing science fiction and/or fantasy. Doesn’t mean you have to be the perfect writer to go. Submit whichever piece you think best reflects your mastery of the mechanics of writing and the basics of storytelling, within the categories of science fiction or fantasy. And if you end up going, I’ll probably see you there! Crossing my fingers for you! I’m happy to take a look at whatever piece you want to send, although there isn’t much time before the deadline.

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