Book Deal on A Curse So Dark and Lonely

It’s been a busy week, in part because I became a micro-influencer! Technically, that just means that I have more than 2,000 followers across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and higher-than-average engagement rates. Really, though, it means that YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! Thanks for your support! Amongst that, plus my husband turning 52 but me thinking he turned 53 (see visual […]

The Why’s and How’s of Dialogue in the Digital Age

Say you’re scrolling down your Twitter feed, and you come across someone spouting something particularly opinionated, rude, or derogatory. Just a quick scan of their post reveals that it’s about something you heartily disagree with, and/or is expressed in such a prejudicial way that you immediately scroll past it. You think, “Why should I engage with that person?,” especially if […]

Children of Blood and Bone

It’s been a tough few months, I tell you. Life has been very interesting, in some ways very good, and some quite bad. I’m finally getting over my insomnia, something I’ve struggled with for years (see this post about what it’s really like to live with it). I’m enjoying my job as a full-time book editor. I have two wonderful […]