Book Review & Deal: Lost Years of Merlin, For $3.46

You know when you’re looking for a book to capture your kids’ imagination, or find one that’ll make them realize that they actually like to read? Maybe you make your kids keep their brain’s active during the summer, like me, or you have a child that’s a voracious reader and are struggling to keep up with their demand for books. […]

Book Reviews: I Can Love Like Jesus, and “A” is for Adam

I mentioned yesterday that I’ve been looking for “comfort reads” lately, and I found two more that meet that criteria, although for different reasons than Love Remains did. I Can Love Like Jesus, written by Heidi Poelman and illustrated by Chase Jensen, and A is for Adam, written by Heidi Poelman and illustrated by Maggie Coburn, are Christian children’s books, and the simple […]