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Review Policy

I’m not a professional reviewer, although I do get paid a very small amount of money when someone purchases a product through one of my posts. I write reviews for the love of books, video games, and movies. I started this blog because I was reading so many books that I was having a hard time keeping track of the details about each book in my brain, and why I liked or disliked it. So, of course, I reviewed books on Amazon and Goodreads (and still do) but needed a place where I could post more in-depth commentary and hopefully spark more in-depth conversation with others about particular books. I now also review video games and movies, particularly of those in the science fiction and fantasy genres, providing perspective on them from a gamer’s perspective as well as a mother’s. I strive to provide, as often and as accurately as possible, “nutrition facts:” counts of swear words, sex scenes, positive and negative relationships and themes; this is so that people of all persuasions can hopefully make more-informed decisions about the books they’d like to read.

I also strive to find deals on all books, games, and movies that I buy so that I can pass those on to my engaged followers and readers. Note also that my reviews include not only a post on my website, but also promotion of that post on Facebook, Twitter Pinterest, and Instagram, where I have a following of about 2500 and potential reach of a million or so. I also post reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. And I post links and commentary to various gaming platforms, Rotten Tomatoes, NetGalley, and other relevant platforms.

If you’re an author who would like your book reviewed on HeadOverTales, please read the FAQ’s below.

If you’re a publisher, agent, brand, game manufacturer, or retailer, please email me at moesserjam(at)gmail(dot)com for a media kit. I am available for campaigns, sponsored content, and brand partnerships.


What do your reviews include?


My reviews usually include my informed opinion, thoughts, and feelings on the book (i.e., characters, plot, pacing, style, premise). I like to include a high-res picture of the cover and preferably of the author as well. I usually try not to disclose any spoilers.  I will post an honest review, which means that if there’s something I don’t like about the novel, I will mention it. If something about the story irritates me, I will mention it. I’ll mention anything that I liked or disliked but I won’t disparage your book. I understand how hard you’ve worked at it and I respect that. I am a writer working to get published, so I offer a unique, educated perspective on the books that I review. If your book has more than 30ish swear words, any sex scenes, or the kind of violence that’d be found in a rated-R movie, I’m not the best person to review it.
Sometimes, I like to provide “nutrition facts” about books: numbers relating to specific things like swear words, violence, sex, positive and negative things. I provide these details so that people can make more informed decisions about the books they might read, in the same way that the Nutrition Facts label on a food item at the grocery store is designed to help people make more informed decisions about the food they consume.


As with my book reviews, my video game reviews usually include my informed opinion, thoughts, and feelings about the game play (i.e., plot, premise, graphics quality, gameplay quality, game “size,” etc. I’m not the best person to review any game rated anything other than “T” or “E,” or that is sports-based. I also suck at racing games, unfortunately, so I’m not the best person there either. I will post an honest review, which means that if there’s something I don’t like about the game, I will mention it. If something about the story or characters irritates me, I will mention it. I’ll mention anything that I liked or disliked but I won’t disparage the game. If I really don’t connect with the characters or plot, I won’t post my review on my site, but can still provide constructive feedback, if you prefer. I need to be able to post at least 3 or 4 screenshots of the gameplay itself, and can also embed trailers, relevant tweets, etc.

As with all my other content, I tend to post reviews of books, games, and movies sooner when I can find some kind of a good deal on them, whether it’s a discounted price, bundle package, coupon code, two-for-one special deal, etc.

I game on PS4, PS3, PS2, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, Nintendo 64, and Wii. (Switch games coming soon, hopefully!)


What are your preferred book genres/game types/movie genres?


I’m more likely to review your book and like it if it’s in one of my preferred genres, which are:
  • fantasy
  • sci-fi
  • speculative
  • paranormal
  • dystopian/apocalyptic
  • romance (no sex scenes or erotica)
  • some historical fiction
  • some non-fiction (biographies, self-help, and how-to)

Video Games

I prefer, and am better at reviewing, RPG’s, puzzle games, and anything Lego


Same as books, with the addition of romantic comedy and family movies.


How do you rate books/video games/movies?

I tend to rate books, video games, and movies on a 1 to 10 star scale, with 10 stars being the best, because I don’t understand whoever decided that 5 stars was enough to adequately rate anything. Also, it’s easier for me to assign scores for individual characteristics of the book, game, or movie. If I’m going to be rating a book, game, or movie three stars or less, I probably won’t publish my review of it. Sometimes, I’m unable to finish because I really can’t connect with the writing or characters. For this reason and others, if you submit a review request, I cannot guarantee that it will appear here. I no longer accept requests for reviews of self-published books.


What’s your preferred format?

For books, I prefer e-books but hardcopies are also appreciated. For e-books, my preferred medium of receiving them is through Netgalley or as a mobi.

For video games and movies, I prefer download codes, but discs are fine too. Please see my list of acceptable platforms above.

How long will you take to publish your review?

Give me some time! I will try to read, play, or watch your product as soon as possible but I do have other commitments, including a day job as a book editor, other books I’ve committed to review, other brands I’ve committed to working with. This means that I cannot promise you a date by which I will have posted my review. It may take a few days, weeks, or months to get to it (although this is very rare). I give priority to ARCs, books, games, and movies that I have personally requested. I will e-mail you the link to my review as soon as I post it.

Again, please note that when I accept a novel, game, or movie to review, it does not guarantee that it will be reviewed. I try not to post negative reviews. If I really don’t like a book or can’t connect with its characters, I usually don’t post a review, unless I’m obligated to. If you want me to post the review regardless of whether it’s positive or negative, please let me know.

If you’re an author/publisher looking for someone to participate in a blog tour or host a giveaway, I would love to help! Click here to e-mail me regarding blog tours or giveaways.

If you’d like your book reviewed, please submit your request here.