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Movie Reviews

Five Movies That Teach Empathy…And Deals on Each of Them

There are a lot of things people say we need these days: fewer guns, better schools, less rain on the eastern U.S. coast, more rain in the West, a certain person out of political office, etc., etc. I would argue that, above and beyond any and all of those things, what we need is more…

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Ant Man & The Wasp: Movie Review and Deal

Ant Man character, plus six supporting characters, staring off-screen on top of a red and yellow stripe, with "Ant Man & The Wasp" across the bottom

Last Tuesday, me, my husband Bruce, and my two kids went to see Ant Man & The Wasp at a local independent theater called the Water Gardens. I loved both the movie and the deal we got on tickets for this first-run, awesome show! First off, though, I have to warn you of the awesomeness…

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Movie Review & Deal: Arrival for Only $9.99!

It’s been a busy week, but I’ve got another good movie and deal to tell you about! Have you seen Arrival yet? Like Interstellar, which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago,  it’s a thought-provoking sci-fi movie, quiet and tense, and it’s available on Amazon for $9.99. Arrival Movie Review: What Is It About? >From Rotten When mysterious spacecraft touch…

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