This is me (hint: I’m the short one).



I’m head over heels for books! I write them, I read a TON of them, I like to talk about them with others. I like to hear what you think about books, and, if you’re a writer too, I’d love to hear about your journey. I started this blog because I read so many books that it becomes difficult to keep track of all the details about any particular book and why I liked or didn’t like it. I review books on Amazon and Goodreads, but like to delve more deeply into certain books to spark more in-depth conversations about them.

My name is Jamie Moesser. I used to write at MomItForward.com and HobbyMamas.com. I occasionally write for GoAdventureMom.com. I write. ALOT. Professionally, I am a magazine editor, website and social media content editor, and event manager at Brigham Young University. Personally, I write fiction. I’m working on getting a young-adult science-fiction/fantasy novel published.

In my every day life, I love being a wife and mom. I and my family love to do a lot of things together. We snow ski. We water ski. We dirt bike. We wake board. We camp. We race r/c cars (yes, that is a thing). We geocache. We fish. In addition, I scrapbook, read, and game with my kids. In short, I don’t just read. But reading is my favorite.