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Jamie Mosser, Author, Editor, Content Curator

I’m head over heels for books! I write them, I read a TON of them, I like to talk about them with others. I like to hear what you think about books, and, if you’re a writer too, I’d love to hear about your journey. I started this blog because I read so many books that it became difficult to keep track of all the details about any particular book and why I liked or didn't like it. I also review books on Amazon and Goodreads, but like to delve more deeply into certain books here to spark more in-depth conversations about them. I want to help people find books that they'll enjoy reading, because I believe there's a book out there for everyone, even the most recalcitrant reader. I scour the internet everyday for book deals that I can pass on to my readers.

My name is Jamie Moesser. By day, I'm an editor for Young Living Essential Oils. I was a content strategist Brigham Young University's College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences for 3 1/2 years, and have edited everything from magazines, websites, academic journals, blog posts, marketing materials, fiction books, for more than 20 years. I used to write, edit, and help with blogging events at MomItForward.com.  I also write. ALOT. Professionally, I've also been a marketer, fundraiser, grantwriter, and event manager. I have a Masters of Public Administration degree, nonprofit focus, and a bachelors' degree in Journalism from the University of Utah. If you want more information about my professional background, check me out on LinkedIn. If you'd like to take a look at samples of my professional work, please visit this page.

I'm also an active gamer, and am the mother of two gamers, so I like to provide information and deals on games from both a gamer's perspective and a mom's (I like to think of myself as a Mom Gamer). And I'm passionate about helping people find good deals on movie options, because movies can be expensive. All in all, I just want people to be able to make more informed entertainment choices, and save money while doing so.

I write fiction. I've written three books, one YA science-fiction/fantasy, and two YA low sci-fi's. They are in various stages of querying and revising. I'm working on my fourth novel, an adult sci-fi about Easter Island and the immortality of the whole human race.

I've been a PTA Reflections Literary judge for more than a decade, and have organized science fairs, school carnivals, you name it. I'm passionate about helping kids, especially in the arts. In my every day life, I love being a wife, and mom to my two boys. I and my family love to do a lot of things together. We snow ski. We water ski. We dirt bike. We wake board. We camp. We race r/c cars (yes, that is a thing). We geocache. We fish. In addition, I scrapbook and make fancy cards. In short, I don't just read. But reading is my favorite.

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